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Village Hall

The Village Hall in Station Road built in 1872 as the Village School has undergone signification refurbishment in recent years and now provides the centre for a wide range of activities.

The Hall is split into two rooms which can be opened into one large area seating approximately 100 people.

As well as available for personal and business bookings, also local meetings e.g. the Riparian Owners Group, the Hall is used regularly by a tiny tots group, drama & dance classes, a gardening club, young farmers, fitness classes etc. It also provides facilities for the rehearsals and performances of our widely acclaimed annual Village pantomime group, the organisers’ of which are now looking to form a Morris Dance team and again the Village Hall will come into use for their practice sessions. When you add to this the fund raising events organised by the Village Hall committee such as Race Nights, Quiz Nights, Summer B.B.Q. etc. it can be seen that the Hall is well used and really does help to fuse the Village community together.

Contact Details

Chair – Hilary Hazell, 01430 873416, email: [email protected]
Bookings – Richard Waud, 01430 871798 / 07922 443639, email: [email protected]